Delilah has had her kittens!

Good news!  After talking with someone from the Red Squirrel Trust who knows all about squirrels, it seems that Delilah has had her kittens already. Apparently, once the teats show, that is a sign that she has given birth.  I knew her tummy had got a little smaller but she still has a fat-ish tummy and that, I’ve just learnt, is fat stores to help her produce milk for her kittens.  So, going through all my photos I have of Delilah from when she last had a very fat tummy to when it was less fat and when she started to show her teats, I have worked out that she gave birth to her kittens sometime between 25th March and 27th March.  Seeing that the 26th was a Mother’s Day, I think it only fitting that I choose that day for the birthday of her babies.

(By the way, if you click on most of the photos in my blog from now on, they should open as a separate page, enlarged)

Delilah showing teats (2)

Now, all there is to do is to find out which drey or den she is using as a nest.  I think I may have found the place. I was in the hide this morning before dawn (5:25am to be exact) and waited until 6:50 am when I was just about to give up and go in for a well-earned cuppa, when I heard rustling from behind the hide and her little chittering and there, right under the hide window not more than three feet from my face, was Delilah. Funny, I have seen literally hundreds of photos and videos of her and stood in the woods and watched her running around but to see her so close never ceases to amaze me.  They really are such small and delicate creatures and their coats are so silky soft.  She stayed around the hide picking up nuts that I had been scattering around for her and Nibbles, for about twenty minutes, then when she bounced off to bury one, I took the chance to leave the hide and go and sit on a log bench in the woods to watch her.  After a few more buried nuts, Delilah scampered off to the linden drey.  She was there for a minute or two before coming back out. I am assuming that’s where she has her nest.  Her kittens will stay in the drey for about five to six weeks before they come out and follow their Mum around. My good friend and neighbour most likely has a drey or two in her place, which is full of trees and wild places and is a haven for wildlife and both Nibbles and Delilah visit both our places on a daily basis, so we are pretty certain that if Delilah’s drey isn’t here then it must be at her place. It’s just a case of being patient and watching.

Linden drey 1 (2)

Linden drey

This linden tree has been used by many squirrels over the past twenty years. I have seen countless squirrels rushing inside over the years.  The entrances to all the dreys have been on the driveway side but they have made their dreys around the field side, which is surprisingly high up off the ground, as the field you see on the left is about five feet below the ground level of the drive.

One last photo of Delilah…

Nibbles gorgeous photo 5.4.2017




Hurry up summer!

At last there is colour coming into the garden. I know we’ve had daffs and spring bulbs to brighten up the greyness but they always seem a bit wishy-washy in the weak winter light. Hurry up summer! I can’t wait for the garden to be full of colour so bright it hurts my eyes. If anyone is wondering why there is fishing line crisscrossing our pond in the next photo, it is trip wire to deter the herons. Based on the premise that they are waders and not divers, I thought of trying it out. It is hardly noticeable and to date seems to have done the trick. I am up and out in the woods at dawn usually and that is when the herons prefer to visit our pond but I haven’t seen them in ages. Hopefully, they have tried one or two times to stand at the water’s edge and been unable to move closer because of the fishing line, so flown off. It isn’t strung too closely so as to tangle them and do them any harm.

IMG_5832 (1)

In my last post I told you that I had moved the hedgehog house behind one of the sheds and had trained one of the Trail Cams on it to see if the hedgehogs showed any interest in it. Well, there was interest in it all right. First a squirrel had a look…

Squirrel inspecting hog house 2.4.2017

…and then a mouse had a look and ate the mealie worms I had left out for any interested hedgehogs!

But not a single hedgehog took the slightest bit of interest in the place.  Still, early days…

The Trail Cam behind the log pile did catch one hedgehog on film but it was just in the corner of the shot and hard to tell whether it was just passing or had actually come from under the log pile itself. I can safely say though that there are lots and lots of mice scurrying under and over the log pile at night!

The hedgehogs are busy at night though, getting through a fair bit of food, especially mealie worms. There is one hedgehog that must have quite a flea problem as it is forever scratching!

Two hogs 1.4.2017

We had two partridge in our little woods yesterday! At least they were until I walked through and scared them off into the neighbour’s field. Please come back!

Phoghorn Leghorn has been stalking me for seed lately.  He’s like a Ninja: sneaking up silently and just appearing out of nowhere!  Twice he has scared me out of my wits in the last two days. The first time was when I was knelt down weeding and had been weeding for ages.  I turned to weed a patch to my right and only six inches from my face was his beak!!! I jumped out of my skin. It was like a scene from a slasher movie.  I mean, look at that beak!

Good photo of Phoghorn Leghorn

Rain, rain, go away….

After that lovely warm sunshine of the other day, March ended with her usual weather of blustery showers. It doesn’t take much warm weather to have me dreaming of long summer days, well manicured lawns, a garden full of flowers, butterflies and bees, and large pitchers of ice-cold margaritas.  Neither does it take much cold, wet weather to have me longing to sit by a roaring coal fire with a hot toddy in my hand, dreaming of long summer days…..  No pleasing some folk 🙂

We had Oscar, our owl, carved in June 2014 and at the same time we had a Green Man carved at the base of the same tree. Although the Green Man was scorched just after carving, it has taken until this year for his weathered-look to ‘set in’ and to make him easily recognisable.  I only noticed today how much better he looks after this last winter. A fairy house was also carved in the same tree but that’s not as noticeable, yet.

All’s well with the hedgehogs and the squirrels.  I haven’t seen the vixen since the other night, or the partridge, which is a shame.  The owls have been very vocal at night lately but other than the odd pair of eyes shining back at the camera on video, I don’t have them on film. Nibbles and Delilah are still running around the woods and have taken to pinching the peanuts from the woodpecker feeders!  As if walnuts, hazelnuts and monkey nuts strewn around the woodland floor and in squirrel feeders weren’t enough! This is the best photo I have so far of Delilah and her growing belly. It was a screenshot taken from a video the other day.  I have been focusing the cameras on capturing the hedgehogs and foxes at night, so I have taken them off the squirrel feeders and changed the programming to be more video rather than single shot but that tends to mean I miss those lovely shots of the squirrels during the day.  Here is the screenshot of Delilah…

Screenshot 2017-03-24 19.25.04

As the hedgehog house has been sitting empty on the hog yard by the house for a couple of weeks now, I have decided to move it behind the sheds on the edge of the woods and hopefully one of the hedgehogs will make it a home and you never know, maybe a sow  will have her young there. I have rigged up a Trail cam to watch the house, so I can check any interest without having to lift the lid and disturb any occupants.

Hog housebehind shed

I’ve also rigged up another camera behind our large log pile. The other night the camera managed to catch a shot of one hedgehog coming out from under the front of the log pile. We were pretty sure that a few hedgehogs had made it their home but couldn’t say for sure. Hopefully, with another camera watching the back, we may see if more have been using it as their place of hibernation over the winter months.



Oscar in the dawn light

I was up and about a little earlier than usual today and glad of it, too. I was out walking in the woods at 5:45am. It was perfectly calm out and the birdsong was beautifully clear and gorgeous to listen to. The dawn was absolutely spectacular. My camera skills are very primitive, even though my camera is far from it but I did manage quite a nice shot of this morning’s sparrow fart, with Oscar silhouetted in the foreground.

Thankfully Phoghorn Leghorn made an appearance yesterday, so panic over. He came strutting up close to me and screeching away for some seed. So I dropped my gardening tools and went inside to get some seed, so pleased to see him again. By the time I went back out, he was far away in the fields, half way down the valley, calling away. There’s me standing like an idiot with a bag of seed in my hands and no pheasant. I ask you!

Phoghorn Leghorn

And from a contrary bird to a more stationary kind of bird…

I absolutely love this heron that Steve’s Dad bought us for our pond. It is the ONLY heron that I love and will allow anywhere near our pond!


The cameras have been very busy at night taking videos of hedgehogs and their shenanigans. I see Eric from time to time, still identifiable by his hump of fatty shoulders but I have also seen four other hedgehogs. I know one is definitely a female, as the poor thing is being chased, pushed and rolled around most nights.

Screenshot 2017-03-27 23.11.41

This is Eric, taken last night.

And last but not least, squirrels! Yes, both Delilah and Nibbles are still about and I am still trying for that perfect shot of Delilah. Not much has happened with them recently, other than I keep coming across buried hazelnuts when I am weeding the garden, or nut kernels left in peculiar places :/

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Wow! Look what the camera caught last night!

I am so pleased with this video of a vixen caught on one of the Trailcams last night. She is obviously nursing her kits somewhere. Unfortunately, one of the other Trailcams wasn’t working last night, so when she trots off into our little woodland, it doesn’t pick up her trail when it would have done had it been working and I am so very cross about that. It also means that it hasn’t picked up anything from one of the hedgehog feeding stations either. The other cameras did pick up a hedgehog feeding, so they were out and about last night. I couldn’t tell the size of the hog from the particular camera that took it.

Click the word Vixen below to see the video…



Courting hedgehogs, a partridge and Delilah

I am still trying to get a nice photo of Delilah showing her growing belly but they are either all blurry or she is facing the other way.  Wildlife! What can you do? Above is a nice one though, captured the other day as she bounced in front of one of the Trail cams. If you are curious to know how I know for sure that it is Delilah, there are two details I look for. One is the shape of the ears.  Delilah’s ears are rounded at the top and sort of mouse-shaped (sorry Delilah but they are!) and the other detail is shown in this photo very clearly.  Delilah has a withered/injured right rear foot: it is smaller and never fully opens up. Here are close-ups of Delilah and Nibbles. Look closely at the ears and now you will see one of the details that I look for when I sift through hundreds of squirrel photos trying to decide who is who. I feel like I’m going nuts (pun intended) from spending so much time looking at squirrel’s ears!! Nibbles is on the left and Delilah on the right.  Delilah also has a darker and more russett coloured coat and as I mentioned earlier, a withered right rear foot. There are other differences but they are more subtle.

I was surprised to see a partridge casually stroll across the camera frame this morning.  It never came back during the day but you never know. We once had a female partridge nest in our ‘wild woods’ and lay eggs which hatched. One day I saw her lead her little covey of chicks away but sadly, a few days later, I found most of them dead at the end of our road.

Screenshot 2017-03-24 19.21.38

After extending the timer on the Trailcam videos to three minutes, I am capturing some really nice videos of the hedgehogs at night. Every now and then I see a really large hedgehog, which I am convinced is Eric 😀 but last night I saw another two hogs courting. Below is a movie made of two videos taken last night. I love the way, that after a few attempts at ‘winning over’ the sow, the boar stops for a bite to eat! She looks totally fed up and I hope for her sake, she isn’t the only sow in the neighbourhood! It looks like all our five resident hedgehogs made it through hibernation (Eric obviously got a Free Pass). I only found out today, that hedgehogs that are born later on in the year (around September/October time) are the small ones that can be found at feeding stations late into December trying desperately to put on weight for hibernation.  These youngsters have a nickname: they’re called ‘Autumn Orphans’ and sad to say, they very rarely make it through hibernation, as they can’t put on enough weight. Eric was as Autumn Orphan. Now he is a beefy, chubby hog, running free and probably half way to China, still rolling that sow he was spotted with on camera the other night!  Anyway, here is the movie of the courting hedgehogs. I’ve set it to music to lighten the experience but I do suggest making a cuppa first and getting comfy and keep your eye open for the little mouse bounding around in the background. It’s more 6 and a bit minutes than 9 1/2 weeks 😀

Here is the movie link    Hedgehogs courting


Phoghorn Leghorn wing

It’s been two days since I have seen or heard from Phoghorn Leghorn and I’m worried. You’d have thought he’d have called to let me know he’s all right! 😀  I suppose he may very well be being fed to bursting by our next door neighbour and I hope that is the case, otherwise I hate to consider the alternatives.




Quick update

Just a quick update on Eric.  It’s a good job I am not a betting person as the hedgehog that I had recaptured the other evening, feeling pretty sure was Eric the escapee, aka The Cooler King, turned out not to be Eric at all.  There were a few little things that niggled me about this hog that didn’t seem right but the deciding factor came when we had put this hedgehog in the hog yard whilst I was cleaning out the hutch in the boot room.  Olivia was keeping guard in case it was Eric , who we all now know can scale three and half feet ivy-covered walls!  When this hedgehog got near the hog house it went and hid behind it!  Eric used to love going straight inside and getting cosy in the hay. That evening I put this hedgehog right back where I found it at one of the feeding stations.  Funnily enough, when I was checking the Trailcams the next day, the video before the one of me releasing this hedgehog, was one of a very fat hedgehog who looked very like a certain escapee.  I’m not going to name names, as I seem to get it wrong lately but you know who I think it was, don’t you?  That same hedgehog visited the same spot in the woods last night, too, scoffing down all the food I left out. Needless to say, I am not worried about Eric anymore. 😀

Screenshot 2017-03-22 15.33.08