The Old Rectory – Our home/Yr Hên Rheithordy – Mae ein cartref 🏡



In 1826,  the year that the Menai Suspension Bridge was opened, the Reverend Hugh Wynne Jones (1776 to 1849), Rector of Aberffraw and Llantrisant, Vicar of Beaumaris, Clerk of Llantrisant and later Chancellor of Bangor Cathedral, built himself a parsonage in Trefor, Ynys Môn. The rectory was actually built as an annexe to a 16th Century cottage that was on family land.  The annexe and the cottage joined to become the parsonage of The Reverend Hugh Wynne Jones. In the late 20th Century, the properties once again separated and exist today as separate addresses.

The small woodland that surrounds our house was planted at the same time. It was common at the time in Britain to plant these small woodlands (once known as plantations) around houses of this sort, as a form of lumber investment: Britain had just come out of the Napoleonic wars and a great amount of lumber had been needed to build and repair our navy during the long years of the war and these lumber plantantions were seen as a financial investment but also a patriotic contribution for possible future wars.

I am in touch with the National Library of Wales and I am hoping to recieve the architectural plans for our home soon!

Click the link below to view a letter regarding the deeds to the rectory of Llechcynfarwy.


When he died, the Reverend Hugh Wynne Jones left the parsonage to the Church and it remained a property of the Church until 1958, when it was sold to the public sector. The Reverend’s local parish church sat across the valley and in view from his parsonage, at Llechcynfarwy.

Llechcynfarwy Church

For a few notes on the welsh Saint Cynfar click here  –

Map showing Llechcynfarwy and to the left, the rectory. The symbol (+) in the centre of the map shows the site of the Llechcynfarwy Church.

Another little snippet of information concerning the Reverend Hugh Wynne Jones can be found in the web link below…

The Reverend Hugh Wynne Jones’ father was also a Rector of Llantrisant in his time. This Reverend was also named Hugh Wynne Jones and his home was just a valley away, at Treiorwerth, near Bodedern, Ynys Môn.


Both Reverends were lineally descended from Hwfa ap Cynddelw, Lord of Llifon, 1080/90-1169 (dates are disputed). See for more ancestry of the Lord of Llifon.

The Coat of Arms of Hwfa ap Cynddelw





Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru /The National Library of Wales

Eric Jones [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


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