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To view my family tree you can click the link below or at the bottom of my family photos and notes. Or just scroll down for a a few photos first.

N.B. This tree and its notes are taken from software I have on my computer at home and use on the internet and they haven’t ‘translated’ perfectly to this blog, so there will be a few parts where maybe the grammar seems wrong, or the notes seem out of place. Please bear with me until I can find a better way to show what is a very large amount of data on my blog. The genealogy site this it is all written on does not have a widget I can use for my blog!!!



So, at last, here is a link to my side of the family tree that I have been working on since 1990!  That was way back before we all had the internet and any research had to be made on foot, or in writing. Above are some pictures of my ancestors. I have many, many more.

Anyway, the family tree has grown somewhat over the years and I know a lot of it is boring but if you can wait for the link below to download (it’s a biggie) and then sift through the ancestors, you will come across some interesting characters.  Think of it more as a coffee table book, that you can dip into from time to time, because believe you me, it’s a bit of a struggle to go through, generation by generation! I cannot leave out the ‘regular, salt of the earth folk’ from this tree, just to highlight the unusual or more interesting ancestors, it wouldn’t be right or fair, but if you want to dip into the tree from time to time, you will find people who will pique your interest: from coal miners to shopkeepers, farmers to artists. One of mine (and so one of yours) ancestors was thrown into jail after being overheard in the local tavern expressing his opinions loudly ( Mmm that’s a familiar trait in our family, isn’t it?) He apparently, after a few ales, spoke loudly about what he thought ought to be done to the king (of the time). That king was Charles II, and our ancestor’s crime was sedition. Another ancestor was the grandfather of the founder (and first Governor) of the Bank of England, would you believe? Here is his picture…

(c) Bank of England; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Sir Gilbert Hethcote 1651-1732, Governor and founder member of the Bank of England and Lord Mayor of London

Don’t get your hopes up too soon: we are descended from the other son.   Always the bridesmaid and never the bride!  And then another distant cousin married James Fennimore Cooper, the author of Last of the Mohicans, to name just one novel he wrote. Here he is…


James Fennimore Cooper

Another ancestor was a vicar whose vicarage, eighty years later, would be the place where the author Charlotte Bronte stayed and wrote her novel, Jane Eyre. Here is Hathersage Vicarage…


Other ancestors have suffered unbelievable losses and hardships, that we, in our modern, comfy and easy world simply cannot comprehend but they must have been made of sterner stuff, because we exist today. The furthest I have taken our family line back is to 1410.  Follow the Hethcote/Heathcote branch of the family for that: they were bellmakers in Chesterfield.


From left to right: My grandmother,  Elizabeth Houghton, her brother John Houghton, Ellen Houghton (my 2 x Great Grandmother) and Ellen (Nellie) Houghton, sister of Elizabeth and John

Make a cuppa/pour a glass of wine and click the link below to dip into your roots: without just one of the them, you wouldn’t be who you are today or even look the way you do. After all, we are the sum of those who have gone before…..


Elsie Burgess just crowned Rose Queen

If you are interested in finding out more of the nitty gritty details of any of our ancestors, then add a comment at the bottom of the page or contact me using the form below and I will ‘invite’ you to view the whole tree, warts and all, online at Ancestry UK.  There you can read the stories and view all the documents and notes I have gathered over the years and see all the photos I have collected.

As this ancestor document is a PDF you can search for a specific name, place, etc. using Ctrl F to open a search box.  Type in what you want search for and a list of any and all of that word/name that appears in the document will show in the top right hand corner of the screen…

The link…





Last year I had my DNA ‘tested’.  Here are my DNA results. Who’d have thought…


My biggest DNA amount comes from Europe West, which I suppose you could say would be Norman ancestry. Sorry folks but we mostly came over with the Norman Conquest. Closely and equally followed by Scandinavian DNA (I’m thinking Viking…) and then Irish Celts (I like it). Only 14% of me is actually British (Celtic Britons). Then 3% is Spain, Italy and Greece (now that is where the olive skin and love of the sunshine comes from in our family). If you ever get the chance, get your DNA tested and see who you really are. It would make the world a more tolerable place to live in, trust me.

Steve’s Family History and DNA

Here is the link to Dad’s (Steve’s) DNA results and a few photos. His family tree is still in the early stages but below is the link to what I have so far…

To view Steve’s tree so far, please click the link below. Again, you can use Ctrl F to search through this PDF report.



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