Rescued seal pups

On one of our recent trips to Ireland we stayed in County Wexford, on the east coast, not far from Gorey.  One day we visited Seal Rescue Ireland, a rescue centre for sick and injured Common and Grey seal pups found around the coast of the Republic of Ireland.  The centre is based in Courtown, east County Wexford and is run by a dedicated team and volunteers. Their aim is to treat and care for the seal pups until they are fit and well enough to be released back into the sea, where they were found.

Panoramix was rescued on the 5th July this year at Rosses Point, County Sligo, Eire, alone and very skinny.

We spent an hour and a half at the rescue centre and I can honestly say, for me, it was the most interesting, worthwhile and inspiring 90 minutes I’ve spent, in a long, long time. I was worried that walking around looking at injured and orphaned seal pups would leave me feeling sad and depressed but actually the opposite was true.  This was partly due to the fantastic guide we had but also that the rescue centre isn’t ‘dressed up’ for the visitor (a pet hate of mine, I have to admit) nor is it a place of doom and gloom but it’s ‘business as usual’ and you feel the place is proactive as well as reactive.  It was a usual day at the centre when we visited; cleaning out the pens, feeding, cleaning the pools and so on.  Oh, and it absolutely bucketed it down with rain but our guide was full of enthusiasm and interesting facts and no question was too much trouble for him to answer. We saw Common and Grey seal pups of different ages, brought in from all over the coast of Eire and as Storm Ophelia had not long before wreaked havoc on this beautiful island, there were quite a few new additions to the rescue centre.  The rescue centre doesn’t charge an admission fee and there is a small gift shop, where the profit goes to the rescue centre. You can even adopt a seal pup! It really is a gem of a place to visit and one that is run by remarkable people doing an admirable job rescuing, caring for and (hopefully) releasing back into the sea, seal pups that would, without a doubt, have perished on the seashore without their expert help.

Here is a link to their website. It’s full of interesting information and photos of the seal pups in their care, which is quite a lot, after Storm Ophelia and Storm Brian.

Their Facebook page is…

They’re on Instagram at…

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