Oscar in the dawn light

I was up and about a little earlier than usual today and glad of it, too. I was out walking in the woods at 5:45am. It was perfectly calm out and the birdsong was beautifully clear and gorgeous to listen to. The dawn was absolutely spectacular. My camera skills are very primitive, even though my camera is far from it but I did manage quite a nice shot of this morning’s sparrow fart, with Oscar silhouetted in the foreground.

Thankfully Phoghorn Leghorn made an appearance yesterday, so panic over. He came strutting up close to me and screeching away for some seed. So I dropped my gardening tools and went inside to get some seed, so pleased to see him again. By the time I went back out, he was far away in the fields, half way down the valley, calling away. There’s me standing like an idiot with a bag of seed in my hands and no pheasant. I ask you!

Phoghorn Leghorn

And from a contrary bird to a more stationary kind of bird…

I absolutely love this heron that Steve’s Dad bought us for our pond. It is the ONLY heron that I love and will allow anywhere near our pond!


The cameras have been very busy at night taking videos of hedgehogs and their shenanigans. I see Eric from time to time, still identifiable by his hump of fatty shoulders but I have also seen four other hedgehogs. I know one is definitely a female, as the poor thing is being chased, pushed and rolled around most nights.

Screenshot 2017-03-27 23.11.41
This is Eric, taken last night.

And last but not least, squirrels! Yes, both Delilah and Nibbles are still about and I am still trying for that perfect shot of Delilah. Not much has happened with them recently, other than I keep coming across buried hazelnuts when I am weeding the garden, or nut kernels left in peculiar places :/

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