The birds and the bees lead to … babies!

Sad to say that Pretty Boy is no longer with us.  Steve found a dead pheasant on the road a few days back and as he hasn’t appeared on any of our wildlife cameras since, it must be him, as never a day went by when he wouldn’t visit us for some seed.  Phoghorn Leghorn is probably cock-a-hoop about it, as there are two hen pheasants hanging around which he now has no competition for. He’s looking a lot more handsome of late, too, especially now that his overhang of a beak has been worn down with pecking for food. He spends most of the day showing off in front of the ladies and fluffing up his feathers.

Phoghorn Leghorn

Spring is definitely here with two huge bumblebees buzzing around the garden this afternoon.  There isn’t much for them this time of year but we have a huge Oriental Borage which they love.


But I do have some good news.

 Delilah is pregnant!

Either that or she has been eating too many nuts and needs to invest in a pair of Spanx to slim her silhouette. 😀 I have looked at so many photos and videos of her over the last few months that I can spot any difference in her details and she has definitely got a much fatter belly. Nibbles is still around, too.  Along with our neighbour, we are trying to spot where she makes her nest.  Just because we have a drey here that she has used before, doesn’t mean to say that this is where she will have her kits. I can’t wait though. I’ve been going through all the photos taken of her recently to get one showing her fat belly but I haven’t got a good enough shot to show you yet. No worries, I will get one soon. Meanwhile, here is a nice one of her with one of a pair of ravens that roost in our trees every night…

Delilah and raven.JPG


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