Glamping hedgehog 

In the end Eric didn’t spend all of Thursday night in his new hog house. I had gone out to check on him around midnight and the temperature had dropped considerably, so I brought him back in to the boot room to his hutch indoors. He stayed in on the Friday evening too, only having a half hour run around the hog yard before going back into his hutch. Last night was very mild though and Eric spent his first night out in his new hog house. I checked on him at around midnight and was surprised to see another hedgehog just over the wall from where Eric’s new hog house was! This hedgehog was under the apple tree, which was a popular feeding station site for the hedgehogs last year. Needless to say I didn’t get to bed early, as I was setting up that feeding station. We have three feeding stations set up so far this year. Eric had been busy last night grubbing in all the cracks of the walls of his hog yard: there is soil and shreds of plants all around the hog yard this morning. I have checked the long term weather forecast and tonight is supposed to be another mild night but then the temperature drops again for a run of four or five nights, so I think Eric may only have one more night of glamping before coming back into the boot room.

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