One fox, one hedgehog in hiding and one out and about, and a little lemon Peugot.

Caught our first fox of the year on camera. Only a photo but hopefully we will catch it on video next time.


The same night the Trailcams took a couple of photos and videos of hedgehogs in the woods. I have moved one of the cameras to hopefully get more ground shots now that we are having more visitors to the woods and I’ve also placed another camera at the start of our woods and I’m hoping between the three cameras all at ground level, I can track the wildlife’s journey through our place. Click below to view the video…

Hedgehog out early in the year

Moving on to our lodger, Eric.


As you know, every day Eric gets weighed and most nights he gets to have the run of our kitchen and to search for his food.  We barricade the cellar door which comes up into the kitchen, as he loves the smell of damp earth that he can detect through the gap in the door and he tries his best to scratch his way through the door and into the cellar. So, with that part of the kitchen secure I didn’t think to worry about anywhere else he may get into.  Silly me!  He managed to crawl through a small space and into the cupboard that houses the central heating boiler.  We have turned off the heating so he doesn’t burn himself on the copper pipes at the back of the boiler but he has decided to play hard to get and has been hiding at the back of the boiler for the better part of three hours.  Every now and then I hear him having a scratch or cleaning himself and I can hear him scurrying back and forth.  There is plenty of room behind the boiler and for him to get out. He just doesn’t want to.  I have placed a tray of freshly dug up wet soil from the garden laced with live mealie worms (yummy!) not far from the boiler cupboard and sooner or later he will get hungry and have to come out. We just have to be there when he does.  I hope it doesn’t go very cold tonight, only we can’t turn the heating back on until he is safely away from the pipes. If you look closely at the right hand side of the following photo you can just make him out all snuggled down.


Before Eric decided to go into hiding, we had a very successful day helping Olivia to buy her very first car: a lovely lemon Peugot 107.  We pick it up from the garage tomorrow.  I will post a photo of her with it when we get back home.



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