Woodpeckers, fighting pheasants, squirrels, hedgehogs and The Lone Ranger

Well, it has been a very wet and miserable day here on Anglesey.  Too wet for working in the garden or the woods, so we took a ‘walk about the policies’ making a list of the trees we need to get to replace those that are dying, or to fill the gaps left by those we have had to cut down, or which have fallen in the storms over the years.  We have horse chestnut, sessile oak, English oak, beech, ash, Chilean pine, linden, field maple and aspen all as mature trees with recent additions of hazel, larch and sweet chestnut.  As well as buying more beech and sessile oak, we will get some English Whitebeam to add to our little collection. The other day I braved going out to the edge of the wood to video Storm Doris whipping all our mature oaks, beech and other trees around, just like young willows blowing in the wind.  It was scary but amazing at the same time.  I stood right up against the trunk of our large and mighty oak to take the video (pictured above in summer).  It felt the safest place to be for some reason.  Below is the link to view the storm hitting our little woodland.

Storm Doris hitting our small woodland

Nibbles and Delilah have been out and about in the high winds and heavy rain yesterday and today but not when Storm Doris hit, obviously.


Nibbles is quite a confident male red squirrel and today he showed it, when Phoghorn Leghorn had a fight with a new pheasant on his patch, Pretty Boy. Nibbles didn’t just hang around to watch, he was actually chasing them away.

Phoghorn Leghorn
Pretty Boy

Click the link below to see the video of Nibbles chasing the pheasants away.  They had decided to fight right where there was a scattering of dropped seed and nuts and he wasn’t happy that they were getting in his way of eating.

Nibbles chasing the pheasants

The Trailcams caught lots of good photos and videos today and yesterday. Here is a video of a male and female woodpecker.  I have put a little caption to it. The female is the one on the right and after a little while she flies onto the camera post and from there chirps what sounds like bossy directions to the male, who is trying his best to get at the nuts inside the squirrel feeder. It isn’t long before he flies to join her on the post and gives her a few chirps back. I can just imagine what he is saying to her. 😀

“If you truly loved me, you would get me that nut right at the back”

As I write this post, Eric, our guest for the winter, has the run of our kitchen. The lights are all out and there are three food bowls and one water bowl tucked away in the corners to encourage him to go foraging for his food.  It won’t be much longer (early April hopefully, weather depending) when he will be released back into the wild but until then he has to have lots of exercise and other than his hydrotherapy sessions in our bath every few days, he gets to run around our kitchen finding his food. Eric stays in the guest room (where else?) with the lights out but curtains open, so that he can know the passing of the day and see the moonlight.  He sleeps all day and comes out to feed and exercise at night. We are keeping a close watch on his weight, we don’t want him to lose weight but neither do we want him to get too fat.  If hedgehogs get too fat, their soft underbelly can be exposed to predators when they curl up into a ball, instead of being safely tucked away within a ball of very sharp quills.  Eric has his grown-up quills on his head now and trust me, they are extremely sharp!  They can pierce through even thick, suede rigger gloves, believe me. Ouch!


And last but not least for today, meet Tonto aka The Lone Ranger… Click the link below.

The Lone Ranger

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