Doris came calling

Thankfully the storm has passed and we’ve been very lucky the damage that it left behind wasn’t worse than it is. Steve has been busy all day with the clearing up. We had two large limbs down from two oaks. Funnily enough, none of the older and more rotten branches in the woods came down and the two that did were from very healthy oaks.  One was on the leading edge of our little woodland and took the full force of the storm.  I watched the storm at its peak from Olivia’s room in the attic and the tree tops were swaying all over the place.  Even tree trunks were moving, as if they were thin strips of wood and not the mature trees they are, some with a girth of over five feet.


The wind break that we have had up for about six  months now, didn’t survive too well, although I am surprised that any of it is still left standing.


Steve has been busy clearing up the fallen branches…


Thankfully, the linden tree which has the squirrel drey in, survived just fine and Nibbles is still a happy chappy.  He was out and about checking the damage to his little woodland not long after the worst of the storm had passed and even when Steve was still in the woods clearing up!

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