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Everyday, the woodpeckers visit the squirrel feeders and persistently try to get at the goodies inside.  One has chiselled their way in, damaging the feeder in the process. Another job for you to do, Steve.


I was very pleased to see that one of our wildlife cameras had taken a photo of a hedgehog a couple of nights ago. I haven’t seen it since but hopefully tonight will be another mild night and Steve and I will walk around the garden and woods after dark and see if we can see them again.  I have started leaving food out at night again, just in case they stay out of hibernation for a few nights longer.  It isn’t a very clear photo sorry but it’s proof for my nature journal. From the distance of the hedgehog to the camera and the size of the hedgehog, I reckon this is Big Daddy. He is our largest hog and a big beauty about twice the size of all the other hedgehogs that visit our feeding stations.


Nibbles and Delilah are still out and about but I still haven’t caught them together on film for a few days now.  Still, it is good to see them looking well, other than Delilah and her injured rear right foot, which doesn’t seem to bother her as much as it used to. Here is the latest photo and video of them …


Click the link below to see a video of Nibbles…


Eric, our resident crown green bowling ball of a hedgehog, is keeping his weight steady since I last posted about him, at a very healthy 995g.  Hopefully, I can keep him at that for a few weeks before I release him back into the wild. I’m going to get that on video.  Any blubbing you hear in the background will most likely be me crying as I say goodbye to him. 😀


… and lastly, we have a few clutches of frog spawn in both ponds now.  Our small pond, which we call the Puddle, as it has leak and never holds deep water for long, has had a small ball of frog spawn for just over a week now but yesterday more was laid. The large pond has a small clutch but it was teeming with frogs and toads today, so it shouldn’t be long before we have more frog and toad spawn.  The only trouble is that we have quite a few Great Diving Beetles in both ponds and their favourite chow are frogspawn and tadpoles.


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