One hedgehog, two squirrels and a swordfish



Another lovely sparrow fart this morning and thankfully, that biting easterly wind has gone. There are buds on the trees and our daffs are about to open. Hurry up spring, then we can get into summer.

One hedgehog…

Eric is still coming along well and getting bigger all the time. He now weighs 968g! When he has the run of the kitchen, he tends to want to sit in the cat litter box.  Thankfully, Pippy never uses it, so it is always clean. 😀

On to squirrels…


Nibbles and Delilah are still together. I’ve manage to catch them on video playing and feeding together. They look like they are having a great time. Click the link below to see them playing. Be warned: it was a windy day and the wind is hitting the camera and making the video noisy! Best to turn down your volume a little for this one.

Moving seemlessly 😶 on to Swordfish.. yep, you read that right!

Steve has had problems on his ship in the last few days. A swordfish had pierced a pipe with its bill! Apparently, they chase shoals of fish at great speed and I suppose the shoal it was chasing made a sharp turn and the swordfish didn’t. Below is a photo of the bill of the swordfish puncturing the pipe. I believe the pipe is made of a coil of steel wrapped in thick rubber. As there wasn’t a body dangling on the end of the bill, it is presumed the swordfish swam off. I wonder if swordfish can regrow their bills.

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