Phoghorn Leghorn, Jacks, Reds and Collared Doves

What a day it has been today for capturing critters on the Trailcams! So chuffed.  I have quite a few video clips for you dip into.  From Jackdaws, Pheasants, Red squirrels and Collared Doves. Spring must be around the corner. You just have to watch and listen to the wildlife to know that something is getting going.


I have posted a couple of my red squirrel photos onto Facebook. Specifically to a great little FB page called Red Squirrels in Wales. Take a look if you haven’t already.  Steve and I are going on their red squirrel conservation presentation and practical session next week.  I am so looking forward to it.  I absolutely adore red squirrels. Here is a short video of Nibbles and Delilah together…

Nibbles and Delilah

Every couple of days I have to sift through thousands of photos and videos captured by our three Trailcams around the grounds.  It can get a little boring at times, when all I see are cats, fleeting birds and me walking around filling up feeders and taking photos!

Here are a couple of videos…

Squirrel and walnut Red squirrel and a walnut

Male Great Spotted Woodpecker and a walnut A woodpecker carrying off a walnut

This year, the Collared Doves have been nesting really early.  We usually have three nesting pairs close by the house, reusing the same nests year after year.  This year, one pair has started early. She has been sitting on whatever (if anything) is in the nest for six days now.


Our current resident pheasant, who I have named Phoghorn Leghorn, had to square up to an intruder on his patch yesterday. The intruder was sent packing.

Phoghorn Leghorn is on the right

Here is a video of them eyeballing each other.

Mano a mano


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