More on our resident reds.

Firstly, our little woodland isn’t on a gradient of 1:4. 😀 The Trailcam had slipped to the side but it did manage to catch a lovely little shot of one of the squirrels.

Nibbles and his lady friend, Delilah, are still together!  For weeks now, I have been taking photos and videos of the two of them but only ever capturing them together on video once. Hey presto! Yesterday I managed to get the two of them together on the same video clip. I will post it to my blog when I have a little more time but in the meantime, here is a photo of who I think may be a new kid on the block…


I am 90% sure that we have a third squirrel visiting our feeders.  After looking at quite literally thousands of photos and videos of Nibbles and Delilah in the last few months, every now and then I come across a photo of a squirrel that seems ‘odd’.  It was this way that I discovered Delilah.  I kept coming across photos and videos of a squirrel that didn’t just look slightly different to Nibbles, but acted differently, too. This new ‘odd’ squirrel is most definitely a male but is of a slighter build than Nibbles and whereas Nibbles likes to grab and run when it comes to collecting his food, this ‘odd’ squirrel prefers to sit on the feeder and munch his way through quite a few nuts and seeds before leaving. It will take me a few more photo comparisons yet before I can rule out it being Nibbles with any certainty.  It could very well be one of our neighbour’s resident reds: they have two squirrels, who we think are siblings born last year.

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