Odds and sods and bits and bobs…

It has been a few days since I posted a blog. Here is what has been happening…
Eric is doing really well. Today he weighed in at a very healthy 872g!  Maybe a little too hefty for now, as I don’t want to release an obese hedgehog back into the wild come April time-ish (any exposed ‘spare tyres’ will make him vulnerable to predators) I have put him on a ‘gentle’ diet. In other words, he still gets the usual smorgasbord of yummy delights, only a little less. He is still getting plenty of exercise, food and beds down daily to nice, clean digs.  Every day I spend around an hour with Eric: weighing, cleaning out his digs and sitting minding him as he runs around and it dawned on me today, that in not very many weeks time (hopefully sometime in April) I will release him back into the wild.  From then on I will only see him every now and then, when the infrared Trailcam captures him on film (that’s if I can identify him from the other four resident hedgehogs that we have) Still, I have no doubt that if he hadn’t spent the winter with us, and had gone into hibernation instead, he would never have survived, being so small and underweight to start with. Here is Eric showing us a few of his little but efficient toothy pegs…

Moving on from hedgehogs…

Red squirrels…. Nibbles and Delilah (our resident reds) are still around and eating TONS of hazelnuts, walnuts and a mixture of fruit, seeds and nuts.  Excuse the hyperbole but have you seen the cost of whole hazelnuts and walnuts by the kilo? And boy do our Reds go through nuts by the kilo!  I do keep a watchful eye on the size of Delilah’s belly (it is mating season after all) but nothing to report so far. Dad (Steve) and I are going on a workshop organised by the Red Squirrel Trust Wales soon, to learn about red squirrel conservation. I’m really looking forward to it 😀


From red squirrels to youngest daughter…

Well done to Olivia for passing her driving test! Just waiting for her to get her first car and then she can taxi me and Dad around everywhere 🚗 …and the balance of the universe will be restored.

From youngest daughter on to broken things…

It has been a week of broken things and fixing things:

… the internet is at long last back up and running super fast (another reason I haven’t posted anything for a few days)

… as is the tumble dryer

… as is the central heating (boy was it cold without it!)

… there is just Carmen (our Mazda) to be fixed now (faulty fuel filter) then the world will be the right way around once more.

From fixing things to favourite buy of the week…

Yes, it’s a furry, bat-eared Pom Pom for the other set of car keys. Sorry Steve 😀

And most importantly, I am happy wth my hair colour at last.  Everyone has heard of Fifty Shades of Grey and now, Fifty Shades Darker.  Well, I’ve been living it one hair follicle at a time 😀 😀

Here is Fifty Shades Lighter…



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