Update on Eric

Eric is still doing well and growing bigger every day (thankfully).  In case any of you are concerned about how he is being treated whilst he is staying with us, he is handled as little as possible, given as much exercise as possible, fed a varied and, apart from a little commercial hedgehog food with every meal, he is given a fresh diet recommended by wild hedgehog experts, such as raw minced beef, cooked chicken, chopped fresh boiled eggs, fresh mango, apple and pear, live mealie worms and dried insects and always plenty of fresh water every day. We are always mindful of how he fares from day to day and he gets daily weigh-ins. His cage is cleaned and disinfected and he is given clean bedding every day as well.  Every couple of days his exercise routine also involves having a paddle or a swim in our bath. Hopefully, when we release him back into the wild around April this year, he will fit right back in with the rest of his kind living around us, with the added advantage of being quite a few grams heavier than the rest of them, who’ve had to hibernate over winter. The only reason we took Eric in for winter, was because he was too underweight to survive hibernation (weighing only 489g). Experts believe that to survive hibernation, a hedgehog needs to weigh somewhere between 600g and 650g at least but hopefully more.  Today, he weighed 825g.  Well done Eric!




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