Another gorgeous sparrow fart

And yet another beautiful sparrow fart.  I wish I was camera savvy and knew how to capture the colours of the early morning really well. I will just have to make do with clicking away and hoping for the best instead.



Learning the guitar is coming along really well.  I’ve learned six chords so far and can strum along to Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds and Bob Dylan’s Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door and tackling a couple more, too.  Bob Marley must be doing somersaults in his grave! Livvy is playing along with me and we are having fun.  I am trying to master getting the strumming right, especially to Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Steve bought me a beautiful Folk Acoustic guitar with a really sweet sound (it’s just me that makes it scream in agony sometimes :D). I am totally addicted to it, though I must admit to practicing until I go past the pain and can no longer feel my finger tips: I have blisters on the tips of three fingers on my left hand but I shall persevere.  I am having so much fun it’s worth the discomfort. It really is lovely strumming and singing along with Livvy, as she has such a beautiful singing voice.  She does have the advantage over me, as she learned to play the guitar in Primary School and my only experience was strumming away, with lots of passion but no real idea as to how to play the guitar, for two or three years along with two other friends way back in my high school days.

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