What a big boy!

Eric, our foster hedgehog, weighed in today at 824g!! No swim in the bath for him today but a good run around all the same. Got to keep him in prime health and good shape for meeting the ladies when he goes back into the wild, hopefully this April.

I’m writing this post sitting in the hide in our small woods, trying to get better shots of the red squirrels. Amazingly, it’s also the only place at home where we can get 4G! At least I can update my iPad and iPhones super fast here and write this blog, too. Probably the wrong time of day to catch the squirrels on camera, as they prefer to eat early to late morning and then mid afternoon to dusk. It’s a dull, mizzly day, so don’t reckon the light is good for taking photos but I will persevere. I was hoping to get a shot of our resident ravens but they’re out and about at present. Just heard a squirrel chucking away and not very far, neither. He’s probably right above me in a tree watching me! I’m on my second camera battery, so when this one dies I’m going in. I’m cold and hungry now. This will be a much more enjoable experience in the summer months!

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