You may be missing out… 😱

I have just realised that some of you are not seeing my blog site in full. When you get an email telling you that I have posted on my blog, that post is, as you know, in the email but that’s not all of it!  So, please don’t just read what’s in the email. There is usually another photo to go with the post but also and more importantly, I have 5 other pages of stuff and loads of photos that you won’t get to see unless you go to my blog site itself. To see my whole site please click on my flower avatar 🌺 in the notification email you get, or the title of the post, or my pen name descendantofcaleb, in the same email.  Once at my main site you will see pages on Home Cooking, Family History, Trefor and The History of Our House.

In my Home Cooking page there are favourite family recipes and a widget to take you to my cookbook collection on EatYourBooks, and more. 🍰🌮🥗

In my Family History page there are links to mine and Steve’s family trees, lots of old photos and the results of our DNA tests (those are eye openers!)👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

In the Trefor page, you can read a little about the place where we live.🗺

In the The History of Our House page there is the story of our home and the man who built it.🏡

Go see what you have been missing!  👀 All these extra pages are updated quite regularly but they won’t appear as new posts, so you have to keep checking.

Hope you all enjoy my posts and keeping up with what is going on in Ye Olde Rectory.

Lizzie 👋🏼


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