Oh what a beautiful morning!

What a gorgeous fart of sparrows there was this morning!  Cold and frosty but the sky was clear and the air was crisp. I was hoping for wonderful photos from the Trailcams today with the air so clear and the sun shining for a change but one camera hadn’t had its memory card pushed in far enough (my fault) and the sun has changed its course through the sky, just enough to make most shots taken on the other camera in silhouette. So, I am off to move that camera after this post.  It did, however, manage to take a couple of shots and videos of Delilah burying her nuts. Click here to view the video…

Delilah burying her nuts


I noticed yesterday, a mouse under our bird feeders, and watched it as it ran up a nearby wall and into a little mouse cave!  The cave has two entrances. I will try and get a video of it but here is a piccie of the actual mouse cave…



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