A water ballet

Just given Eric a bath.  It isn’t to keep him clean, as he is quite a clean hedgehog but it is good exercise for him.  He lives in a large rabbit cage in our guest bedroom but as hedgehogs can cover a couple of miles in the night when they are roaming around in the wild for food, he needs to be able to get some exercise while he is staying with us and so he gets some paddling and a swim in the bath every day. The bath water is warm, body temperature for us, which I assume, as he is a mammal, is body temperature for him, too. I make the water just deep enough, so that if he wants he can go on tip toe but he usually just swims about, or tries to climb out. There is an upturned plastic box in the middle of the bath in case he wants to stand on ‘dry land’ so to speak but he never bothers with it. After his water ballet session he snuggles in a towel to get dry.  Today, Eric weighed in at a very healthy 747g.  At this rate, he will rejoin the big, wide world streaks above the other male hedgehogs in the area, hopefully giving him the edge over them when it comes to attracting the ladies.


Click the link below to view Eric’s water ballet session in the bath, which I have set to Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers just for fun. And yes, I know the piece of music is about the dance of flowers but trying to find a suitable piece of music, that’s free and has anything to do with hedgehogs and swimming, was a tough call!  The video lasts over six minutes, so is a little tedious at times. It’s just for fun, so no critical comments please!!! It starts off slow, as Eric is all curled up and then he is slow to get into the water, so please be patient.  The quality of the video isn’t as good as I would have liked but it will have to do for now. Make yourself a cuppa then make sure your volume is turned on. Here is the link…

Eric in a water ballet

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