A fart of sparrows

What a damp start to the day. Or should I say, a damp fart of sparrows?  I learned yesterday that another term for dawn is ‘a fart of sparrows’. What a wonderful term! I think in future that is what I will call the dawn.

I’ve been out changing the memory cards and batteries in the wildlife cameras this morning and filling up the squirrel feeders. Nibbles got very annoyed with me when I was filling up one particular feeder with hazelnuts.  He ran up the tree the feeder was on but only about fifteen feet up and stayed watching me, chattering angrily at me.  He was not a happy chappy at all.

I have just been going through all the hundreds of photos and videos from the memory cards, enjoying a nice cup of tea, when I had the shock of my life.  On one video there are two squirrels running up a tree!  Not one, TWO!!!!!!!  And as they don’t seem to be aggressive to one another, I reckon that Nibbles has a lady friend. I have named her Delilah.

Click this link to view the video of Nibbles and Delilah. You will see the two of them run up a tree to the right of the video not long after it starts and then again later in the video.  Nibbles has a lady friend

I did think the other day that we may have another squirrel in our small woods, as I noticed a squirrel not quite knowing how to open a feeder and there was something about the way the squirrel moved and looked that wasn’t quite right.  Well, my doubts have been proved right. Here is Delilah…





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