First time in the hide

Today was my first time in the hide.  I didn’t expect much, as Nibbles (our resident red) had just left his feeder and run in front of me on his way to the drey, as I was walking to the hide. I did manage a couple of shots of birds though, trying their best to get into his feeder.  I sat in the hide for an hour and the birdsong was lovely to listen to. Nibbles was a ‘no show’. I was amazed to find that I actually had 4G on my iphone in the hide. I can’t get it in the house, would you believe? And also surprised at how dry and cozy the hide was to sit in.

Nibbles did visit our other feeding station however and I have a lovely video of him chasing away a woodpecker who also likes to visit the squirrel feeders. Woody (the woodpecker) has made a small hole in the feeder where he can get to the seeds inside.

Here is the link to my YouTube channel where you can view the video of Nibbles and Woody:

Get off my nuts!

And here is a lovely video of Nibbles watching the camera:

Nibbles watching the camera


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