Santa brought Steve and I a hide for Christmas. Thank you Santa.:D


Taking photos with our Trailcams is all well and good but to get a really good still of some of the wildlife around our place is difficult, so today I set up the hide in what is hopefully a good spot, to get shots of Nibbles our resident red squirrel. We have had good advice from a friend about where to site the hide and how long to leave it in place without even going in it, so as to let the wildlife get used to it being there. We’ve to leave the hide for a week now and then we will set up our cameras on tripods inside and just click the camera everytime wildlife come close.  That way they can get used to the clicking noise, then after a couple more days of this we should be able to start taking photographs for real. I can’t wait! The hide has three small lookout windows, which should give us great views of one of our red squirrel feeding stations and two of our woodland.


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