Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all our family and friends!

We had a lovely Christmas here at Ye Olde Rectory: with the usual over indulging and relaxing in front of the tele. This year, instead of the usual Christmas fruit cake, I decided to make a Kransekake. It was fun to make and even more fun to decorate, even though I had a disaster with my red icing (twice) and had to use only white icing in the end. It was so moreish, too: like a tower of amaretti rings. Absolutely yummy. I will definitely be making more kransekake. I followed Paul Hollywood’s recipe, which is a fairly easy recipe to follow but I think next time I make it, I will follow some Scandinavian recipes I have read and measure the length of the rolls of dough first. If you’ve never made a kransekake you will understand what I mean when you read the recipe, which I will be adding soon to my Home Cooking page. I loved the way that you eat the cake, too, ring by ring, from the bottom up, so that there is always a pretty tower to display. Here is my first attempt at the Scandinavian celebration cake.


Thankfully, Eric is putting on weight day by day after having three days losing weight and eating very little. That was a very worrying time. I decided to change his menu and hey presto! he is back to eating lots.  Now he gets a small amount of raw minced beef (which he adores), some chopped apples, chopped boiled eggs, dried beetles and worms and his usual hedgehog food, with lots of water to wash it all down. He weighed in today at 531g.  When he first came to us he weighed only 489g, went down to 461g at one point and is now gaining on average 10g a day.

Nibbles, our red squirrel, has been busy overindulging, too on hazelnuts, peanuts and seeds. With the sun shining this morning, I was able to get a lovely video of him eating. And for a change he faced the camera and sat for quite a while nibbling away at a hazelnut. See the video: Nibbles in the sunshine


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