Nibbles has a new feeder

Because Nibbles’ old wooden feeder had a lid that would’t close properly, he was losing most of his seeds and some of his nuts to the birds and mice and getting very agitated in the process. So we gave him a new feeder.  Now, it might be a nice shiney green one but not the best for squirrrels. Being metal, Nibbles has no way to cling on to it and I have umpteen videos of him slipping off it.  Sure, only he can actually open the lid and get to the goodies inside, but it isn’t a good design from the squirrel’s point of view.  So, in the next few days we will wrap it/cover it in something that will make it easier for him to cling on to.  In the meantime, here is a short video of him checking out the new feeder Nibbles checking out his new feeder


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