The Rumtopf is ready!

Last summer, I bought a Rumtopf jar from our local car boot sale. It only cost £6.


Straight away I started filling it with fruits from our garden: blueberries and strawberries and then later in the year, our pears. Then I added pineapples, blackberries, tayberries, raspberries, peaches and grapes (courtesy of the local supermarkets). After a good heap of sugar and copious amounts of Bacardi was stirred in, it was left alone. Today I decanted it all into our serving jar. Of course, I had to taste test it first.  Yummy! Can’t wait for Christmas.


Besides enjoying the fruit-soaked Bacardi on its own, I’m planning this Christmas to use the fruits topped with Sherry Trifle-flavoured ice cream, inside pavlovas, smothered with brandy cream, as a layer inside a vanilla cheesecake and served on warm buttered scones with a thick dollop of clotted cream on top. Nom nom!

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