I’ve gone all Christmassy!

Heaven knows why, but I have gone all Christmassy starting today.  I think it must be to do with the fact that Olivia and I are in the middle of decorating one of the front rooms ready for Christmas and we happen to be painting it in what can only be described as ‘Father Christmas red and white’!


I have Christmassy songs blaring out on our sound system throughout the house.  At this moment it is Frank Sinatra singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  How I have missed Christmas! I remember Christmases way back in the sixties with Christmas baubles so fragile they hardly ever made it to the next Christmas and Christmas wrapping paper, gossamer thin, that always tore when you wrapped a present.  I remember making coloured paper chain decorations to hang up and Christmas trees that were only put up at the last minute just before Christmas.  I remember one lovely Christmas Eve, going with my big sister, Elaine, in the slushy snow to the old Chadwicks shop on Stanley Street, Holyhead.  We came back with a big snowman made of cotton wool and stuffed with sweeties.  It was cold and the Christmas lights were on in town.  It was way back when I knew Santa was real!  I remember stockings left at the bottom of my bed, filled with oranges, packs of cards and other little nick nacks and great big Christmas dinners with all the family around.  And always, sitting down quietly to listen to the Queen’s speech.

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