The Plum Bed

The Plum Bed

Named after the Victoria plum tree in the middle. Not very imaginative, I know! The box hedge has been done piece meal, so some sections are havng to play catch up with others. The thick section of the box hedge on the right of the photo is the oldest section (about ten years old) and is the finished clipped height. This bed has hebes, pieris, rhododenrons, hydrangeas, lavenders, euphorbias, heathers, hellebores, escallonias, centaureas, to name a few. This bed breaks a few horticultural rules, as the lavenders are thriving in a soil, which for them, is far too humus-rich and damp. Then at the far end, the soil is very dry and the bed is in deep shade under a Linden tree and there are plants there that usually love sun and moist soil.  Go figure :/ The Victoria plum tree has been a prolific fruiter and has broken a a few branches under the weight of ripe plums.

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